Monday, February 6, 2012

February is the month of Baptism's!!!

What a beautiful family Antonica has.
I'm sure they are working towards an eternal Family!!!

Elder Eckman and Antonica & Samuel on Baptism Day!!!!!
Cody had the opportunity to baptize both Antonica and Samuel.

Dear friends and family,

Man alive, February is the month of baptisms! The mission will have over 20 this month--more than the number of missionaries we have. This Saturday I had the incredible honor of personally baptizing Antonica and Samuel. What an awesome experience. The gospel is true. Their confirmations were also incredible and a very special spirit attended them. On the 18th, Sefa will be baptized. I'm SO excited for her. She's such an incredible person and will be a wonderful addition to the church here in Angola. In our branch alone, we will have at least 6 baptisms this month. We are a very blessed bunch.

I'm sure loving the work and glory of God. This work truly is a marvel and a wonder. The love that is felt between the people here, between the missionaries, and between the investigators is something that I could never have imagined. Love will save us all--love already created us, paid for us, and now we just have to love enough to accept it all.

I'm learning a lot, growing a lot, and having way too much fun. I'm a missionary--what could be better? My only true reponsibility is to the Lord. That's such an incredible thought to me. This is the only time in my life when that's completely, one-hundred percent true. I need to take advantage! Who would want to laze, sleep, dream, worry, or fritter this chance away? I invite all to get to work because this is the standard that I am setting for myself.

This week we'll have District Conference and Zone Conference--both with Elder Suarez of the 70. I'm really excited to meet him and receive training from him! It'll be an experience to remember.

Amo-vos. Todos de vocês são muito especiais para mim. Obrigado por seu amor, os pensamentos, e o apoio. Sou eternamente grato por os exemplos que eu tenho na minha vida--minha família e meus amigos.

Fiquem bem,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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