Monday, January 30, 2012


Font before cleaning!!!!

Font after!!!

Dearest friends, family, and countrymen (don't lend me your ears...
Just your eyes today),

Well, transfers happened. =) I am now with Elder Guente and still in
Luanda 2. I love it here! And Elder Guente is a blast to work with.
He's very intelligent, funny, and experienced. I'm learning a lot and
am excited to continue to do so. Elder Sande went off to Cassequel,
Elder Kelsey went to Terra Nova, and Elder Tolman came to Luanda 2 to
be Elder Schioser's companion. Lots of change, all of it exciting.

On the 4th, Samuel and Antonica will be baptized! Antonica was
married this week and it was quite an event! African receptions
are... loud. And big on the show of it all. It's... interesting.
But hey, it was fun. The food was good. Antonica was as happy as
could be and now she can be baptized! What a perfect thing. Sefa
will likely be baptized this month. We haven't set a date yet as
she's traveling because of a death in the family, but we want to this
week. We're still working with the others. =)

I still love it here. Missionary work is still true. Life is still
incredible. And, basically, all is well--no, better than well; I'm a
missionary. Life doesn't get better than that. What a blessing and a
privilege it is to serve here and do the work of the Lord. What an
awesome life it is to live to bring people to a knowledge of their
God, their sins, and a plan to free them from the bondage of the
world. 'Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love, truly. The atonement
is real. It has power. It can take effect. Our job is to let it.
I've found that living in the world is a bit like being a bird trapped
in a cage. If we get used to being in the cage, when we're finally
set free again we may never fly as high as we once did. But if we
work in the cage to keep our wings, one day we'll taste the clouds
again. Our goal is to fly again. Don't forget your wings.

I want to talk a little more about the wonder of The Atonement of
Christ. It's not just about our sins. The atonement is not only for
sinners! How wonderful is that? The atonement is for every time
you've felt sad, burdened, hurt, empty, lonely, angry, unfit,
unworthy, unwanted, unloved, and broken. The atonement not only saves
our lives, but gives them to us. Please think about what that means.
The atonement allows our lives to be rich--the atonement allows our
lives to be more. And, through faith in Jesus Christ, it gives us
hope of an even better life than the best possible life we can live
here--which consequently can only be gained through the atonement.
Understand The Atonement of Jesus Christ and find the hidden treasures
of the world. Nothing else is sufficient to save. Nothing else will
give life. Every other way is death, misery, anguish, and darkness.
When He said that He is the light of the world, He meant it. He is
the light shining in darkness and throwing off rays to bring us home.
Please, follow Him. Please, love Him. And please, find the light.

I love you guys. I love you because of the love I can feel from you
and because I know that we are all brothers and sisters (literally and
through our faith). I implore you all the name of Jesus Christ to not
turn away from these words. Amen.

With love,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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