Monday, April 22, 2013

I love the word "change".

Dear everyone,
I've received such sad news this past week and we're all reminded of the nature of this fallen world.  I know that the Lord has never been closer than in these hard times.  I know that He's aware and is preparing a place for us--a place much happier and much holier.
We were able to see the baptisms of J... B... and A... and it was very touching to see the change in A...'s countenance as he exited the baptismal font.  I'm happy to see the happiness that comes from the Gospel.  A...'s wife, C..., will be baptized on the 4th!  We've been worried about her progress, but we had a very touching lesson with her and it quieted our fears.  She's ready.  She's loving the church and the influence that it's had on her family.  Everyone has changed so much.
I love the word "change".  I believe that it's the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To change us from a carnal state to a holy one.  The ordinances and covenants, in particular, are especially important to such a change.  We receive revelation, joy, sanctification, light, power, and ability through them.
The Sacrament has become my favorite part of the week because it's my Refuge.  I love the way it makes me feel and the revelatory experiences I have with it.  I can't imagine what the Temple will come to mean to me as I return there and find refuge.  =)
I love you all and leave you with my simple testimony that the Lord knows what's happening and He's taking care of it all--be it here or on the other side.  I have faith that He operates.
In Christ's name holy name, I leave these words.  Amen.

Elder Eckman

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