Monday, March 4, 2013

Angola Luanda will officially be a mission as of July 1st.

Dear Everyone,                                            Feb. 25, 2013
First off, my Mom listed off a million things that are happening to a million people.  From marriages to mission calls, I congratulate you all on your progression toward eternity.  =)  I know that the Lord will certainly shed forth His richest blessings upon all those who seek to do His will.
Speaking of His will, Angola Luanda will officially be a mission as of July 1st.  I'll miss it by about 3 days.  My will is certainly a bit different than His will on this one, but I trust that He'll provide the best things for me because of obedience.  =)  I trust that it's truly that way for all of us.
So, our goal is coming to pass and the blessings of obedience are shining forth for us!  Hooray for Angola!  Congratulations to this wonderful people who are oh-so-deserving of the autonomy that comes with a mission.  The next step will come in the coming 2 years (maximum--quote me on that):  A stake.  Angola is taking off.  We'll see another Brazil/Congo in no time.  Angola is truly opening itself to the Lord's plan of happiness.
Agosto and his family are progressing toward baptism smoothly.  We're hoping to see it happen on the 23rd of March.  We've also marked a few others for that day and are optimistic that everything will run well.
We've just had transfer calls, and Elder Whitaker and I will be together for one more transfer at least.  =)  It's definitely a good thing.  We work well together and get on well.
I've been feeling very exhausted lately and the end is starting to be in sight.  I'm not discouraged, but I am starting to feel the pressure.  Please keep me in your prayers.  =)  I can never have too many folks praying after me.
Mom, could you look into when my homecoming address will be planned for and what topic Bishop Laub would like me to speak on?  I'd like to know.  =)  If he'd just like me to choose something, I'd be fine with that, too.
Life here is good, I'm working, having success, and feeling good.  My mission is teaching me a lot and I'm trying to squeeze every last drop out of these last 4 months.  I'm trying to keep the mentality that I'm in the middle of my mission--we should always be in the middle of whatever we do, right?
My study of The Book of Mormon has changed drastically.  I've left behind the 10 times this year goal for one simple reason:  It's far too selfish and I have investigators to worry about.  Maybe I'll try it next year.  I greatly enjoyed how much I got from it while I did it, but that's not why I'm here.  So, I've changed it up and now I'm really trying to focus on my invesigators' needs and on how I can help them to understand, live, and love the Gospel.  It's helping, I think.
I'd best go.  I sure love you all and I thank you greatly for everything you do for me.  =)

Elder Eckman

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