Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We were able to help R...., C...., and N.... enter into the waters of baptism!

I've used most of my time already, but I'll try to tell you about this great week!  =)  We were able to help R...., C...., and N.... enter into the waters of baptism!  Wow!  It was super cool and very powerful.  I loved the experience.  We had a near-disaster with the font, but the Lord provided and we were able to make it work.
I felt very humbled as I participated in these ordinances (I gave N... The Gift of the Holy Ghost and baptized R...) and felt of the sweet spirit that accompanies them.  I invited all to remember their baptisms and confirmations when encountered with trials of faith--the church is true.  Your baptism is a proof of that.  =)
I read in Alma 37 and 38 recently and was very touched by Alma's advice to his sons.  I recommend it.
This week, we send off Elders Borden, Kelsey, Tolman, Sande, and Davis.  We'll miss them!  It's crazy that they're leaving.  I arrived in Angola right after them, after all.  =)
Mom, the remodel is unreal!  I can't believe that that's our house.  I'm truly not coming home to anything that I recognize.
Well, my time is up.  I'm sorry.  I know this e-mail is lame.  I love y'all and I recommend the conference talks from last general conference as we prepare for the upcoming one.  SO powerful.
Elder Eckman

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