Saturday, February 23, 2013

we walked with President K...., set a baptismal date, had a baptism, and started working more with A...... extended family

 Cody greeting other Elders at Zone Conference!!!
Dear Everyone,
Well, not too terribly much happened this week--it went by so fast!  Still, we walked with President K...., set a baptismal date, had a baptism, and started working more with A...... extended family--which is large and basically just needs to legalize a few marriages in order to be baptized.  There's a lot of potential there.  =)
M....... was baptized and confirmed this weekend and it was really cool to see her family there supporting her even though they don't believe in our message.  We also got to see 4 men ordained to the Melchizedek (check my spelling on that...  I'm used to seeing it in Portuguese these days) on Sunday.  So cool!  So much growth.  J....... compared it to ordaining 4 new Priests in the Catholic Church.  Though an... interesting comparison, it made me think about how deep and important the office of Elder really is--in other churches, men would train for a large portion of their lives to be inducted into a correspondent calling.  In our church I believe that the preparation is no smaller (spiritually) and that the responsibility is much larger due to what an Elder is expected to be able to do--lead.  Represent Christ.  In all things.  In things that have relatively little to do with doctrine or the training received in a seminary or institution of higher learning.  In act, thought, word, and desires.  In a small branch like ours, 4 more Elders is more more leaders.  Indeed, in a District and Branches, Elders can hold every single position.  It's a good step.
We're working really hard at contacting more and more prepared families and finding more and more success with it.  It's still in the ground stages, but if the area continues the way that it's growing, it'll one day see 10-15 baptisms per transfer.  Or more.  More is totally possible.  I'm seeing things in the work that I didn't know were possible lately.  It's hard to explain...  So suffice it to say that the Lord has bared His arm and shone forth His power abundantly on us.  I've never met so many prepared people in such a short amount of time that are just so willing to believe in our words and do what we invite them to.  The Spirit is so good at showing people what the need.
I hope that my last batch of letters got through!  I have been writing you all--I promise.  I hope you get them.  They were good letters.  Honest!  =)
I sure love you all and hope that life is treating you as it should.  If I can do anything, let me know.  I'm here to help.  I was called to serve, after all.

Elder Eckman

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