Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm going to Cassequel!

Dear everyone,                                               January 14, 2013
This week has gone great!  I have news--I'm going to Cassequel!  I'll be with Elder Whitaker and I'll be District Leader.  It should be great fun.  I'll likely end my mission there--I'll be going home in June, after all.
This week was great, but I don't have very much time today--this P'day has been a race.  To sum up my week:  Alex will be interviewed for baptism this coming Saturday.  He's ready.  We met many Less-Actives this week.  They're ready to come back.  We had many people in church--both less-actives and investigators.  It was wonderful.  I loved seeing the progression of one less-active as well (his name is Nito) as we finally got him to come to church and when he was there it was just like a key in a lock--he fit right in.  I have high hopes for him.
I've been thinking a lot on what leads to inactivity in the church and have come to the conclusion that it's all about the Spirit.  Little things keep him with us and little things drive him away.  If we take too many little steps away, we lose his constant guidance and become just like everyone else in the world who's not a member of the church--basically good, but unaccompanied.  Then, we start to forget what it was like to be accompanied.  It's hard to come back from inactivity.  It's a hard first few steps.  Still, people gain momentum quickly and it gets easier and easier.
Some advice to myself (I never want to play with inactivity--I've seen it destroy lives):  Never let the size of the filth trick you--it's still corrosive even if it's just a couple of scenes in a "good" movie or a few dirty jokes with friends.  The Spirit runs.  I've seen it.  Never give in to any temptation that makes you miss church.  You need to be there every week.  Be involved.  Pay attention.  It truly becomes a shield from the world.
I've been helping many less-active members lately and am so surprised by how hard it is to come back.  It's easier to never leave.
As of today, I will be finishing Mosiah.  Good stuff!  I love you all.  More next week!
Elder Eckman

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