Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey! This week was great!

   Again I have to say I'm sorry for posting last weeks e-mail with this weeks, I spent part of the week in Vegas and just did not get around to doing it after I got back home. The time just seems to be rushing by, before we know it Cody will be home, He will be released sometime the last week of June, only a few more months and he will be home, Yea for us, I'm sure that he has many mixed feelings.
Dear people of various places,
Hey!  This week was great!  Now I'm with Elder Whitaker and I'm loving Cassequel.  I'm District Leader and feel very honored to work with these elders.

This week, in a nutshell:

I arrived in Cassequel B this week and we got to work. It wasn't a perfect week (there are many things about the area that both I and Elder Whitaker are still learning) but it was a good week. Our focuses next week will be contacting, meeting goals, extending baptismal dates, and dropping those who are not progressing. It will be a wonderful week.

I'm loving working with Elder Whitaker and I find him to be an outstanding missionary, incredibly intelligent, and very sensible. He has a good head on his shoulders. I'm excited to see where this transfer will take us.  Although he only has 2 transfers here, he speaks Portuguese so well.  It's impressive.

As District Leader, I've had the opportunity this week to speak with the Cassequel District and define our biggest concern for this transfer. We've decided that it's the Spirit and seeking his presence with more hunger and diligence. I have been very worried that as I build the "skeleton" of missionary work, I'm missing the "meat" which is the Spirit. I am incapable of converting anyone. I can, however, rely on the Lord to do so so long as I invite well, do my job correctly, and follow the examples and guidelines given me by my leaders. So, as a district we are focusing on exact obedience, Preach My Gospel, and seeking the Spirit more fully this transfer so that we can made equal to our task.

I'm personally focusing on Humility as of late and have felt the blessings. I've realized that I truly don't have much self-control or ability to help others in and of myself. I have to rely on the Lord a great deal to do anything. Alma 37 comes to mind.
I am so amazed lately at the completeness of the Gospel.  It has an answer for just about anything.  It makes the tough times better, the hard times a little lighter, and the hurtful times and little less sharp.  I'm amazed by the Atonement of Christ and what it can do for our lives.  It's so...  Complete.  Full.  Perfect.  So, I'm working to use it every day and to become a better, more complete person in return.

I love you all!  I hope life is running well.  Keep up the good work there and I'll get to work on getting some families baptized here.

Elder Eckman

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