Monday, September 3, 2012

Life is Awesome, Angola is so prepared for the gospel.

Dear various folks,

I explained it well to another elder recently, so I'll just copy and
past over what I told him.

Life is awesome.  I love the mission so much more than I know how to
express and I wish that I were a better representative of Christ.
Nevertheless, as Nephi said, I know in whom I have trusted and am
trusting.  The blessings are breathtaking.  Angola is so prepared for
the gospel.  The people here are my family.  I love seeing people GET
it.  When they take off the shades and see the light, their lives
change.  I love it, man.  It's my favorite part.  Comps were hard but
have been great lately, the language is under control but I'm still
learning a bunch, and the church is growing. Who could ask for more?

Is it a bad thing to not want the next 10 months to pass too quickly?
I want to savor it.  This last week was a little lame due to
elections, but it's had its high points.  We've all had a really great
time getting to each other better at Luanda 2.  My house is great.

My mother shared a really cool thought with me today and I wanted to
share it back:  The word remember is SO important.  What was the house
of Israel's problem?  Remembering what the Lord had done for their
forefathers.  For the Nephites/Lamanites?  Remembering the Lord in all
things.  How do we remember the Lord in our lives?  A great way is
prayer.  And the scriptures.  The Lord has given us the tools.  I've
found more and more that it's the simple steps and the little things
that save us.

Humility is so important.  I would that I had been more humble up to
this point in my life!  I'm kind of jerk.  I don't mean to be.  I have
a big head.  I'm rash.  I'm a know-it-all.  But...  I dunno.  Bit by
bit I'm starting to see a difference.  I'm really actively seeking
humility and it's been a big blessing.  The Lord knows how to lay us
just low enough to appreciate Him.  I'm loving it and the power is
palpable.  When we trust Him more than ourselves He takes care of the

This coming week, I'll see some miracles with investigators.  More on
that next time.


Elder Cody R. Eckman

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