Monday, September 10, 2012

I've FINALLY realized a grand truth: I know nothing.

Dear Everyone,

Well, hey.  This week taught me a lot and was really great.  We're
starting to see more success and are working more and more with new
folks.  Seraiva (a man who had been trying to give up drinking) got
really sick with a stomach problem recently and has given up drinking
under doctor's orders!  What an interesting blessing the Lord has
given him.

I'm learning a ton lately and I've FINALLY realized a grand truth:  I
know nothing.  What have I got to pride myself on?  So very little.
So why do I puff myself up so much?  The thought is helping me to
humble myself.  I've found that pride is the first great stumbling
block of Satan and that he wants us to rely on ourselves and not on
God because he knows that, with time, we can be overcome.  God can't.
It's a simple but powerful truth that says, "If we rely on our own
arms, we'll only ever get as far as our own strength can get us."  I,
personally, am trying to give everything over to the Lord so that I
can use His strength.  I think this is the formula for sure success.

Tomorrow are transfers--who knows what'll happen?  I'm thinking (and
hoping) that I'll stay one more transfer in Luanda 2C with Elder
Clifford.  We're learning a lot together.  He's pretty good at calling
me for being too prideful in any given moment and it's helped a lot.

This last week we met with Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the 1st 70.
 He and his wife are such awesome people!  The training was great, the
interview was short but powerful, and the Spirit was fantastic.  Elder
Wilhelm and I performed a duet of "Mais Vontade Dá-me" (More Holiness
Give Me) and he thanked us for it and told us a bit about how the hymn
came about--it just so happens to be his favorite.  He says that as
far as hymns go it's the one that goes along the best with the temple.
 Read it and think about why.  Also, look into its history--it's
really cool.

Anna, I got your letter.  Thanks!  I'll have a reply out soon.  Mom
and Dad, good luck in your new calling.  Mom, I'm grateful to have you
as a mother and know that I couldn't have ever asked for a better one.
 Heather, get me your address!  My family, I love you and wish you all
the best of things and the best of times.  Thanks for all you all do
to support me and all the patience you have for my silliness.

With much love,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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  1. So I've been commanded....Sister Eckman, would you mind sending Cody my address???
    It's 1311 West 650 South Lehi, UT 84043 USA
    Thank you! and thank you for the updates! I love them!