Monday, August 20, 2012

New companion and new area

Dear friends and family,                                                August 13, 2012

Well, I have some great news:  Elder Clifford (my new companion)
arrived on Saturday!  We're working in the new Luanda 2C area (we're
opening it, essentially).  He's really nice, ready to work, and
excited to be here.  He's from Mesa, AZ.

This week Elder Rainbolt and I were sort of mean to his new companion,
Elder Castleton.  I say mean because we pulled a few pranks on him...
Let's just say that he thought Elder Arrington was Brazilian and that
I was Australian.  We also might've had a good friend "arrest" Elder
Rainbolt in front of him for having bad papers.  It was sort of
hilarious.  Don't worry--we've already repented and won't do it again.
 Probably.  Elder Castleton is a champ, though, as he took it all in

The Abdos arrived Saturday as well and, after a few trainings this
week, I'll be officially done with the office!  I don't want to sound
whiny or complainy (now a word), but it'll be really nice to be a
normal missionary again.  My only worries are the Lord, the people,
and my new companion.  We're going to do great!

I want to just bear a quick testimony to you all of missionary work.
I know that the Lord has called me to be exactly where I am to do
exactly what I'm doing and I know that He wouldn't have it any other
way.  Saying that, we can't forget that as members of this church,
we're all missionaries.  A wise man once said, "Always preach the
gospel--When necessary, use words."  What we do is noticed.  What we
say--and what we don't--is also noticed.  Never have an excuse.  Never
have a reason.  Just...  Live the gospel and be happy.  That's why
we're here!  To be happy.  And the only way to find happiness is
through The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that now in a way that I'd
never have understood before.  When we truly live the gospel--not 99%,
but 100%--we can't NOT smile.  Also, the way we live affects those who
are around us.  Do you love your friends and family?  Then share
salvation with them!  I suppose what I'm trying to say is that if
we're living the gospel 100%, we're also doing our fair share of
missionary work.  So, think on this:  Who do I need to introduce to
the full-time missionaries this month?

I bear solemn witness of our Father's love for every one of His
children.  What more can we do to show our love for Him than to bring
His children back into His arms?

Well, I love you all.  The work here is just getting started and my
time is already running out!  That said, I'll put my head down, square
my shoulders, and do my part.

Stay Golden,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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