Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to Luanda 2

Dear Everyone,                                                 August 5, 2012

Well, hey!  How's life going on the other side?  Life here is rolling
on.  Honestly, I'm loving teaching more, I'm loving being in my old
area, and I'm learning more and patience every day.  The area has
exploded!  We have 14 baptismal dates within the next month and a
half.  We are working hard and have made goals to teach over 25
lessons this week.  It's going to be wild!  My companion is a really
nice guy, but sometimes hard to work with.  That said, we're doing
well, being super-obedient, and learning how each other work.

This week has been very bittersweet as I miss Elder Borden but have
had the opportunity to teach many elect and meet (and re-meet) many
wonderful people in Luanda 2B.  With the 3 1/2 transfers that Elder
Borden and I stayed together, he truly became my best friend and I
miss him terribly.  That said, I'm happy for him, happy to be working
in the vineyard even more, and am excited to see the growth of my 1st
area take off.

Honestly, I've felt more down this last week than I can remember
feeling in a very long time.  I distinctly remember one night when I
knelt down to pray and just felt a huge weight on my shoulders.  I
remember wishing to be asleep so that I could just forget and dream.
It was very surreal, so I prayed for help.  It came--not quite as I
had expected it to--in the form of more patience in enduring the
weight and sorrow.  I'm not sure where it all comes from, but I'm
working on it.  I know that the Lord will help me to understand,
overcome, and become stronger.

I hope I don't sound terribly sad, hurt, or any other such thing--I'm
not.  I'm in good company, I'm working through the hardship, and I
know that the Lord will give me what's necessary.  Come what may and
love it!

Elder Cafferty has arrived!  I got the opportunity to speak with him
today while everyone joined up to play soccer and it was really cool.
He's going to be an incredible missionary!  We're waiting on 3 others
who should already be here but who have been delayed due to VISAs and
injuries and on the Thompsons.  Hopefully, we'll be getting some great
news this week.

Well, I love you all and just want to express my gratitude for your
prayers.  I feel them strengthening me a lot and would be hopeless
without all of your help.

Thanks all!

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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