Monday, December 17, 2012

"White Christmas" set for the 29th!!!

Dear everyone,

This week has been so good to me.  Hipólito returned from Namibia,
we've changed his baptismal date to the 29th (it'll be the closest
thing we get to a "White Christmas") and we found many new and
exciting investigators.  The Lord's hand has been really noticeable

I want to tell you all about 2 women we're teaching named Junia and
Alexandra.  They're sisters, strong Methodists, and really like The
Book of Mormon.  Junia likes to argue a bit and tries to challenge us
on anything that doesn't jive with the way she already believes.
We're patient and try to truly open up the scriptures to her so that
she understands what the Lord wants.  Until now, she still has refused
to pray about these things.  She claims that it states a lack of faith
on her part if she were to pray about The Book of Mormon as she "has
no doubts" (but still refuses a new baptism and coming to church with
us any more times than she already has).  Alexandra, on the other
hand, is likely the most prepared person I've ever taught.  She LOVES
The Book of Mormon, asks brilliant questions, understands the Gospel
and what we teach, and even encourages her sister to do what we ask
them to do.  Her only handicap is that she's being influenced by her
sister to only go to the Methodist church.  I love this family and I
really enjoy sitting with them as they are so sweet and so kind.  That
said, if something doesn't change within the next while, we'll have to
drop them and that really hurts me.  I hate dropping
investigators--even though I know that it's sometimes what they need.
And I hate dropping ones that I consider to be friends.  I've had to
do that a few too many times to love the experience.  Please pray for

I've been focusing on humility this past week and I'm stunned by how
humble my leaders in the church are.  These men are men of high
position and honor and they still treat the lowliest janitor as they
would treat the highest king.  I'm really trying to seek such humility
and charity and to put everything into the hands of the Lord.  I'm
beginning to understand how we simply do what we can do and trust that
He'll do the rest.

I'm excited for Hipólito.  He's changed so much since the first day
that I sat with him.  He's happier, more at peace, and more capable at
dealing with stress and pain.  He's more fun.  He bore his testimony
at a ward party on Saturday and it was so cool to see.  He's probably
a better Christian than I am and I'm grateful that I get to be a part
of his life during this milepost change.

This week we'll be doing lots of contacting and finding.  Merry
Christmas and wish us luck!

Elder Eckman

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