Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas! I love and miss you all.

Dear everyone,

Merry Christmas!  I love and miss you all.  This week was a slow one
but a good one.  We did a lot of waiting and lost a lot of what I
would call "missionary time" to improvements on our new house.  It's
coming along.  I'm hoping to not repeat it this week.  =)

We met some really fun new people this week and haven't yet had the
chance to sit with them a second time.  This weekend was crazy.  That
said, some new things are in the works and we're hoping to see some
great progression in the coming weeks.  I had an epiphany earlier:
Since my very first area, I've been in brand new areas.  Since I left
Luanda 2B, I opened the office (we started from scratch), Luanda 2C
(also from scratch) and Luanda 1C (it opened 2 transfers before
me--halfway through my first we redivided it and lost just about
everyone).  It's an interesting pattern.  I'm STILL learning how to
start from nothing.  I'm STILL learning how to find, teach, and
baptize.  I suppose I always will be.  It's very rewarding, however.

On Christmas Day, President is encouraging us to go caroling with our
districts and any members who would like to come along.  I'm excited
for it.

A word on President Thompson:  I have never met a man so patient,
humble, intelligent, and wise in all my life.  He's an awesome man
with so much to offer our mission.  I love working with him.  He is
definitely worthy to be looked up to.

My focus this last week was the Christlike attribute of charity.  What
a cool study I had about charity!  It seems to me to be the source and
base of all other things.  Who we are, what we think, how we view
things, and how we love all stems from how charitable we are.  If we
strive to be truly charitable we strive to be truly Christlike.  Next
week I'll be studying about humility--a trait I'm still desperately
trying to develop in my life and mission.

I also finished The Book of Mormon this past week.  Wow...  It's so
true.  I cannot express in word or work my love for that book and the
many blessings it has brought my life.  If people really read it,
ponder its message, and follow its precepts they will be happy and
fulfilled.  They will have more light and truth in their lives and
countenances.  The Book of Mormon will change this world.  Has changed

I am impressed by the new teaching program being implemented for the
youth.  I wish that I had had such a program as I was growing up.
Just watch--the effects of this program will be far-reaching.
Something big is coming I think--the mission age has changed, the
class experience has changed, we have Preach My Gospel...  I don't
know what it will be, but I feel like something big is coming.  I'm

I sure love you all!  I hope life is so wonderful.

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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