Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Less than a year left!!!

Dear various loved-ones,

How are you all?  Life here is wondrous!  I'm really loving the work that I'm doing.  Yeah, the office is a bit of a downer at times, but it's all important.  President and Sister Thompson should be getting here on Saturday, but we'll see.  I have faith and am praying for them.

We've officially moved in to Cajueiro(the nice apartment)!  It's very normal, which is strange.  There's always energy and water, which is a huge blessing.  We'll only be staying for a little bit, but it's been good thus far.  Elder Borden seems to be passing through a bit of a rough patch, so if you could keep him in your prayers I'd be very grateful.

We've had to drop many investigators lately due to non-progression, but it's all okay.  The Lord is blessing us according to our efforts.  So, if we double our efforts, we double our blessings!  =)  The end of the office isn't yet in sight for me but Elder Borden and I both feel that he'll probably leave it this next transfer.  It'll be strange to see him go; he's been my longest companion thus far and a true friend.

Patrícia and Lizete are still both progressing well and will continue to do so until the end!  I mean the end, by the way--like the end we endure to.  I'm so happy for them and their families.  They are finding exactly what their lives need.

I have less than a year left.  Oi, it's sad.  I've learned to love this work.  I've learned to enjoy being under this calling.  It hasn't been easy (nor is conversion at any level, I believe), but it's been oh-so-good.  I've changed.  A bit, at least.  But more importantly, I'm changing.  I'm becoming less lazy, less light-minded, less worldly.  Bit by bit, the Lord's helping me a lot.  I doubt that the change is very noticeable yet, but I feel it coming.  I won't be the same person in a year.  I'm glad for that.

Well, I love you all.  I wish I could show you this place.  It's a miracle.  Missions are miracles.

Stay the course,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

P.S. If anyone feels the need to send me a package (You shouldn't.  I'm sure it's ridiculously costly.)  Please send the tracking number and a list of the contents with their respective prices to my mom who will get the information to the mission office.  We need it to cut through all of the red tape that comes with getting packages here.  Thanks!

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