Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cats invade truck!!!

Dear everyone,                                                                                                                                July 16, 2012

Hey!  This week's been pretty wild.  We still haven't received the Thompsons.  They received the wrong VISAs and have had to resubmit.  We don't know when they'll get here.  We are, however, excited for them to eventually arrive.

A crazy thing happened!  On Monday night we saw a bunch of cats under our truck.  We only saw one leave, so we started to make noise, honk the horn, shake the car, etc.  Nothing happened, so we assumed the others had been sneakier than the one that we saw.  We were wrong.  We opened up the hood of the truck on Wednesday morning because it had been making some strange noises the night before.  What did we find?  A cat.  A kitten, really.  He quickly dived back down in to the engine to hide himself from us.  With time, water, a towel, lots of coaxing, and a little force we finally got him out.  We cleaned him up, fed him, and took him back to where he crawled up in.  Sadly, his brother didn't make it.  He died in the engine.  It was all very surreal.

We did a lot of stuff this week for the office.  Well...  Really, we aren't office elders.  Office elders have an office, after all.  And they do office work.  We run errands, buy things for the mission, do stuff for the branches, take care of any mini-emergencies as they arise, and do all the reports that South Africa asks for.  I'm not complaining nor am I bitter--it's been kind of fun.  Elder Borden is good company, the adventures are interesting, and I know Luanda like the back of my hand.  Plus, I get to help my mission roll along.  It's definitely a blessing.

I've received a few letters through the mail now!  It works.  Thanks a ton and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Well, I'm coming up on a year now and it's got me thinking a lot.  I love this work.  I'm glad that I still have so long to do it.  I am afraid, however, that it'll go too fast and that I won't do all that I want to.  Well, I suppose there's nothing to be done but put my head down, work harder, and take advantage of this time while I've got it.  Who knows what's next?

I invite you all to read Enos this week and ponder on prayer.  It's important, I think.  We need to realize how essential prayer is in our personal affairs.  He's there.  He's watching, guiding, and waiting for us to find Him so He can give us so much more.  Seek Him when you've got to make an important choice; He loves helping his children.

I love you guys!

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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