Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's no Winter here, just "menos calor", as they say in Portuguese.

Cara Família, amigos, e outras pessoas que amam-me,

I am hopelessly, madly, and wonderfully in love with Missionary Work.  I'm sure that this comes as quite a shock to all, but I must confess it from the rooftops:  I love this work!  In fact, I'm engaged--anxiously.  Life this week has been hard, but great!  Honestly, we suffered some great disappointments in the area of "progression", but I have faith in these great people.  Mission life isn't easy, but it's right.

How's life in your corner of the world?  Weather here has officially become what I would call "beautiful"--in other words, it's "less hot".  There's no Winter here, just "menos calor", as they say in Portuguese.  However, with some overcast weather and a little breeze, life here isn't half bad.  We still haven't moved out of Cassequel.  Supposedly, we'll be moving in the next few days.  The contract has been signed!  However (yes, there IS always a catch), the first payment has not yet been made.  We're waiting on money from South Africa.  I do think everything will come through by Wednesday, however.  Then, we move to Paradise!  (Until the Office Couple comes to kick us out.)

We will soon receive 2 more missionaries (their Visas had a few minor problems(A.K.A. The printing machine in the embassy broke and no one has fixed it yet...)) and that's exciting!  Transfer's did not affect Elder Borden and I, but that's okay and not surprising.  Likely, I'll be in the office at least one more transfer after this one.  We'll see.

Umm, in other news, if you have ever sent me packages through the Reedy family, please never do so again.  There have been so many packages going through them that it's attracted a bit of attention and they've asked us to stop it.  So, we'll live just fine without (or you could try the new P.O. Box we have.  I'm hoping my mom put the instructions from Sister on here.  Thanks, Mom!)  But really, I don't need much.  We get on just fine here.

We're a very blessed people in these days.  I believe that we need to recognize that more, really.  The Lord has shed forth His mighty power on us in so many ways.  I can scarcely count a hundredth part of them.  He's so active in our lives, so present.  He loves us so much.  I invite you all to seek the blessings in the trials and to recognize His hand as it slowly guides our lives down the right courses.  He's there, I promise.  Find Him.

Well, I love you all.  Keep up the good work!

Fiquem bem,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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