Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Incredible investigator, & life here is wild!!!


I'm afraid that my time is starting to run out already!  I'm super sorry.  You're all just such faithful writers that I can't keep up with y'all.  I'm trying.

We have an incredible investigator named Lizette who will be baptized as soon as she's married.  The only reason that the marriage is taking any time at all is because her husband lives in Portugal.  However, she'll be traveling in August and plans on taking care of it while she's there.  He's perfectly happy with the idea of marriage.  Anyhow, Lizette is INCREDIBLE.  She reads twice a day, prays a lot, listens to the spirit in a way I've never seen, and is just SO ready.  I'm very excited to see her join the church.  She believes in The Book of Mormon, accepted the Restoration as fact the first time she heard about it, and has SO many miracles happening around her.  I learn every time we teach her.

Life here is running wild!  The Cassequel Elders have all left Cassequel's Chapel for their own apartment which leaves Elder Borden and I alone in the chapel.  We have no water (some should be coming today), are missing many useful items (like a water filter, dishes, etc.), have weak energy, and are waiting on a contract to be signed before we can leave.  I'm not sure when that will be...  But it's super awesome.  The house actually echoes.  Who knew?  The Lord will see us through just fine.  We are still officially working in Nova Vida (on the other side of town) and I'm loving it!

This last week was crazy busy with office work and more should be coming in.  In just 2 weeks, President leaves and we have to wait about 10 days for President Thompson to get here.  Then, we'll train him, the new office couple (who supposedly should be coming around the same time), and probably our replacements.  We'll see how it all works.

Even though I'm still a young missionary, I'm one of the oldest on the mission!  It's super strange.  I'm just trying to set the best example that I can.  When speaking of missions, people talk a lot about the "urgency" that comes toward the middle/end of the mission.  I'm starting to feel it.  In just a month, I'll hit a year!  That's...  Weird.  Wrong.  I haven't done enough!  I haven't helped enough.  The Kingdom hasn't been edified enough.  I haven't been the missionary that the Lord deserves enough.  None of that is good enough for what I want.  But...  All I can do is live the rest even better because of these realizations.  So, I simply will.  I'm changing bit by bit.

Well, I love you all.  Happy late Father's Day!

Elder Cody R. Eckman

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