Monday, November 7, 2011

Unaffected by transfers

Sister Walton in Angola keeps a Blog for missionary families and posted a few pictures this week. In one of the pictures she shares a wedding that took place this last week, it was of 2 Angolans that are returned missionaries. It is a law that you must be married civilly fist and then be sealed in the Temple, so the civil marriage was done and now they are off to be sealed in South Africa on Tues. What a blessing it is for us to be able to be married and sealed at the same time. I feel that I take so many things for granted in my life.
Sister Walton also posted a picture of Cody showing his many Mosquito bites, but assures us, his mom & dad, that he has finally learned how to use his Mosquito net while he sleeps.
Well enjoy this weeks letter.

Dearest friends and family,

Firstly, I'm SO excited about Ammon's mission call. Long Beach better watch out! Secondly, I received word that Trent will be leaving for the DR soon--he's a stud and they won't know what hit them!

Transfers were great, but I'm as of now unaffected. Elder Sande and I are still together in Luanda 2. Ventura (the ward missionary who was with Elder Kelsey) left us, however, and Elder Schioser came in. He's Brazilian and fits right in.

I'm aware that I haven't said much about my companion here... Well, that's because he's a hard guy to get along with and I haven't been able to guage him very well. Elder Sande is Mozambiquan, 22, a convert, fairly quiet, but stubborn, kind of self-entitled, a little lazy, can't be wrong, and doesn't take others into account very well. Basically, the Lord sent me me and said, "Figure it out." I'm learning a lot, we're getting on better every day, and the Lord is helping a LOT. I do love him and we are starting to work together really well. It's a process.

There is SO much to be done in Angola. We have 19 missionaries and SO many areas that NEED to be opened up. We just have to wait, basically. Sad, but true. We can't even cover the ground we already have.

Our investigators are great and we'll be having some baptisms within the next month (possibly sooner and more--we find out about traditional marriage at zone conference this weekend!).

Life's awesome. I recently finished Jesus The Christ and loved it. I recommend it to anyone who wants deep insight into the life of Christ. The scriptures are great! I heartily recommend the book of Mormon (in The Book of Mormon)to all. Wow! He was so insightful!

Portuguese has gotten a lot easier. I realized that if I didn't speak, I wouldn't learn. So, I started talking to EVERYONE. It's awful, but what growth! I love the language.

Sorry for the dearth of pictures... You wouldn't believe the speed of the computers here. =) I'm trying. Well, I'd better head. I love you guys. Go with God in your hearts and smiles on your faces. Remember that family is most important and that this life is only but a moment.

Keep it up,

Elder Cody R. Eckman

PS also the "pictures" was only 1 and was of many houses. it was quite a pretty view.

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