Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Natal

Dearest folks I know,

I apologize in advance for this keyboard... It´s sort of awful.

Transfers... Nothing changed in Luanda 2. All four of us (Schioser, Kelsey, Sande, and I) are all still here. President said that almost surely we´ll be changed around next time. Today, Elder Kelsey and I are on a split to learn new techniques, etc. It´s been good thus far. We actually received a special mission from Sister to try a pizza place near our house (she wants to know if it´s good enough for Zone Conferences, etc.). So, we did. It was good. And she said she´d reimburse us for the ridiculously expensive pizza. Double score!

This week we have been teaching Domingas, Ivonaldo, and Zidane a lot. They´re getting close to baptism. They´re a lot of fun and I really enjoy our lesons. Also, Barbra came to church yesterday for the first time since her father Farao passed away. We have been working with her a lot. She´s 18 and has a hard time with wanting to read and pray.

In the teeny tiny bit of spare time I have, I write. I have been working on something for Christmas, so after I knock a few kinks out of it, I´ll send it next week.

Please take some time to ponder the Savior this week. However you think of Him--a tiny baby or a majestic man, take the time to acknowledge His effect on your lives. To me, Christ is everything. He´s given me a chance. We live in a sin-doomed world, but don´t have to succumb to it. We can walk in His love and protection. I invite you all to do so.

Merry Christmas. I love you guys.


Elder Cody R. Eckman

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